7 Days

Cabinet rift The MoD and DTI have joined forces to take a tilt at Robin Cook's ethical foreign policy. Fuelled by a healthy respect for the £1 billion British defence industry, Geoff Hoon and Stephen Byers want to lift licensing restrictions on arms sales to Pakistan. The first high-level talks with General Musharraf, the Pakistan leader, will kick off this week.

The burden of truth The historian David Irving, the alleged "Holocaust denier", has launched a libel suit against Penguin Books and the author Deborah Lipstadt. He accuses them of spearheading an international conspiracy to vandalise his career. Irving, often a speaker to nationalist groups, denies allegations that he has falsified the truth and manipulated evidence about the Holocaust.

Time regained Eighty years after publication, Proust's A la Recherche du Temps Perdu crawled on to the best-seller list. Since December, several hundred people have bought the masterpiece. At the other end of the spectrum, Delia Smith has sold 110,425 copies of her latest oeuvre.

Celluloid child A robotic baby is the new star of Dutch TV. The silicon tot, modelled on its director's own six-month-old son, advertises a computer game. The proud parent, the British company Artem, also creates made-to-order animals for Hollywood films. Film-makers are looking forward to tear- and hunger-free actors.

Heavyweight tussle Mike Tyson the former world champion boxer is facing a battle with immigration officials before his fight with Julius Francis in the UK. Jailed for three years for rape and four months for assault, Tyson falls foul of the law banning entry into the UK for anyone sentenced to 12 months or more.

Cherie nicked Cherie Blair was fined £10 for failing to have a train ticket when she alighted at Luton, Beds. She was on her way to her first criminal trial as a judge.

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