7 Days

Cancer shock Cancer will strike four in ten Britons. Apparently more of us will contract cancer because we are living longer. Most cancers hit the 65-plus age group - making it one of the downsides of longer life expectancy. The prognosis is not all doom and gloom, however. Britain may have one of the worst cancer records in Europe, but survival rates are going up.

Extradition shenanigans The IRA killer desperate to avoid his extradition to the UK has been given another chance to fight his case. Angelo Fusco's journey to Northern Ireland was halted on 4 January by a Dublin high court judge. Should he return to Northern Ireland, his 30-year sentence for murder could be cut short in July thanks to the Good Friday Agreement.

Doctor's orders Doctors are to decide whether Augusto Pinochet is fit to be extradited to Spain. He faces 35 charges of torture, but claims of depression, a heart condition and diabetes have delayed the trial. The alleged Nazi mass murderer, Konrad Kalejs, 86, was ordered to leave the country by Jack Straw - perhaps he considers himself less fortunate in ill health.

Queue disaster The Dome and the police are apologising for the four-hour queues that greeted visitors to the Dome on New Year's Eve. The fiasco has been blamed on a combination of security checks and guests and the press arriving earlier than expected. Clearly months of planning and the £758 million spent on the Dome were not expected to deal with such basic logistics.

Double first The British explorers Mike and Fiona Thornewill triumphed as the first married couple to walk to the South Pole. With their fellow pioneer, Catherine Hartley, Mrs Thornewill shared the joint honour as the first woman to walk the 730-mile trek to success. They beat a rival team of five British women which included the Queen Mother's great-niece, Rosie Stancer.