7 Days

Treasure trove Secrets of the Tory party's foreign funding have emerged after private bank accounts were penetrated. Despite William Hague's pledge to ban foreign donations, the accounts show that more than £83,000 a month is being received from the party treasurer Michael Ashcroft's funds, held by the Belize Bank Trust.

Blair babe Tony and Cherie were "delighted" but admitted to being "shocked" by the news of the forthcoming birth of their fourth child. Already there is speculation as to the name of the new baby, the first in No 10 in 150 years. The odds are 40-1 against it being named Ken.

Brake on road tolls John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, will postpone the introduction of road tolls while improvements are made to the public transport system and tolling technology is perfected. Other deterrents for motorists will be considered in the meantime, such as an increase in petrol duty and workplace parking charges.

Prince Philip's plot Mohamed Fayed's latest accusations in Neil Hamilton's court action have been directed at the Duke of Edinburgh, who he claims was behind the accident that killed Dodi and Diana. He also alleges that Michael Howard took a £1 million bribe from Tiny Rowland to investigate the takeover of Harrods.

Collective courage The George Cross has been awarded to the RUC in the first recognition for collective courage since it was presented to the islanders of Malta in 1942. All parties are sceptical about the timing of the award, which comes just days before the close of consultations on Chris Patten's report on RUC reform.

Let them eat cake Strict rationing of sardines, a mandarin and rotting chestnuts kept seven French potholers alive after they were left stranded for ten days in a flooded cave in the Lot department of France. They offered their rescuers cake in thanks.

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