7 Days

Hot and sour Jiang Zemin faced public protests during his three-day trip to Britain, the first such visit by a Chinese president. Demonstrators dogged Jiang throughout his meeting with the Queen, as well as his trips to the Millennium Dome and the Globe Theatre.

Election shock Violence broke out as Indonesia's national assembly elected the controversial Muslim cleric Abdurrahman Wahid as president. Thousands of supporters of Wahid's rival, Megawati Sukarnoputri, marched on the parliament building in Jakarta to vent their anger.

Back on track? Paddington station reopened, more than two weeks after 30 people died when two trains collided there. Fears over rail safety were renewed after an independent report deemed 27 of the station's signals unsafe.

Civilian overthrow Pakistan was suspended from the Commonwealth, following a military coup staged by the army chief, General Musharraf.

Three left The broadcaster Trevor Phillips dropped out of the running for mayor of London. He now joins his party colleague, Frank Dobson, as running mate. His departure follows that of Nick Raynsford, who bowed out to become Dobson's campaign manager.

Bug free Action 2000 said the main public services are now safe from the millennium bug. Hospitals, emergency services and utilities will not be affected, claimed the government watchdog.

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