7 Days

Russia retaliates Russian forces launched a full-scale military attack on Chechnya and declared its intention to regain control of the breakaway republic. The Russian PM Vladimir Putin claimed the campaign was directed at terrorist bands responsible for recent bombings in Russia, but reports suggest civilians are also being killed.

Plan A for peace The US Senator George Mitchell began efforts to revive the Ulster peace process with a review of the Good Friday Agreement at a secret London location. The new Northern Ireland Secretary, Peter Mandelson, said there was no alternative to the agreement.

Web warning David Blunkett told schools to guard against misuse of the Internet. Guidelines were issued to teachers and parents to prevent pupils from accessing pornography and to protect them from online "stalkers".

Up in smoke Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco manufacturer, finally admitted that smoking is bad for your health. It has always disputed the findings of medical authorities, but a rising number of lawsuits against tobacco firms has changed its mind. We await revelations that "Too much alcohol makes you drunk" and "Old age can lead to death".