7 Days

Britons killed 26 elderly British tourists died in South Africa when their coach left the road and careered down a mountainside. Police say that the bus driver could face manslaughter charges.

Invasion of Chechnya? Russia once again stands on the brink of invading the secessionist southern republic of Chechnya, more than three years after the last ignominious conflict. Russian jet-fighters have bombed the capital, while thousands of Russian troops gathered around the breakaway republic. Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, is under pressure following recent bombings in Moscow which have been blamed on Chechnyan terrorists.

European ruling The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the dismissal of five British army personnel on the basis of their sexuality was a violation of their right to privacy and a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. The ruling will almost certainly see the lifting of the current ban on homosexuals in the army.

Red Reagan Ronald Reagan's authorised biography has revealed that the former US president attempted to join the Communist Party. Comrades, however, rejected his application, claiming he was too "dim".

Pinochet trial Extradition proceedings have begun against General Pinochet. The QC for the Crown took 16 minutes to detail a catalogue of tortures and murders that the general is alleged to have sanctioned.

Racist attack A young black man from France has been stabbed and critically wounded in a suspected racist attack by four white men in north London. The incident mirrors the brutal killing of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 and is seen as the first serious test of the Metropolitan Police's subsequent anti-racism resolve.

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