7 Days

Arch ally Jeffrey Archer's campaign to become mayor of London has been helped - some might say hindered - by Margaret Thatcher's personal endorsement. If Ken Livingstone, current favourite contender, is forced to stand down by Tony Blair, a MORI opinion poll suggests that Archer will be the man who steps into the mayoral shoes.

Gunmen defied Citizens of East Timor resisted armed militias earlier to vote in a referendum on independence from Jakarta and the Indonesian military. Months of violence and intimidation failed to stop more than 98 per cent of registered voters from going to the polls. East Timor now rests on the brink of anarchy as the militia exacts its revenge.

In hot water Microsoft's popular Hotmail e-mail Internet service was forced to close after the discovery of a security breach. Hotmail, which provides the "most powerful, safe on-line experience that you can get anywhere", delighted hackers by accidentally laying bare the accounts of more than 50 million subscribers.

Bad reproduction Genetic analysis has revealed Dolly the sheep to be an imposter. She is not a true clone; she is technically "a chimera", containing genes from both her genetic and surrogate mothers.

An eye for an eye Under new government guidelines, bullied schoolchildren are to be given the right to retaliate with physical violence when provoked by their tormentors. Headteachers, however, fear that this will precipitate the "law of the jungle" in schools.

Fevered flight Travellers to Britain are being urged by foreign tour operators to fly home when ill, rather than risk using Britain's healthcare system. The NHS has been denounced by travel agents in mainland Europe as slow and unsafe. Britain also spends the least money on healthcare among northern European countries, according to a recent study: could there be a link?

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