7 Days

Turkish tragedy Istanbul was devastated when one of Europe's worst-ever earthquakes hit Turkey. The death toll is expected to rise to 4,000. Poor-quality building in the overcrowded city was blamed for exacerbating the disaster. The shock was felt 275 miles away in the capital, Ankara.

Intelligence tested George Mitchell, chairman of the Northern Ireland peace talks, is set to call on the Pentagon to review its intelligence records on the death of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana on behalf of the owner of Harrods, Mohamed Fayed. Mitchell proposes to ask officials to check their files to see if they make reference to a plot to kill the couple.

Sugared pill The Secretary of State for Health, Frank Dobson, has said he will improve the working conditions of junior doctors in a bid to head off potential industrial action. Currently juniors work a 40-hour week but average a further 32 hours with overtime and on-call time included.

Weird Willie The Conservative Party is to stop asking the public how it can improve its image after too many focus group respondents said that it needed a new leader. This comes after an internal memo entitled "Project Hague" said that the Tory leader should portray himself as a Yorkshire-born, judo-loving action man. Polls continually show that the public regard him as posh, Southern and "weird".

Joint announcement The Bishop of Edinburgh, the Most Reverend Richard Holloway, walked into a storm of criticism when he backed the Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy's call for a royal commission on decriminalising cannabis to be established. Bishop Holloway admitted that he had tried cannabis but found it "disappointing".

Snail's place The Blairs were among 50,000 people who visited the Palio horse race, which dates from the 13th century. The Palio lasted only 90 seconds and was won by a horse called Snail.

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