7 Days

Mr Sobby Noel Edmonds has said that he intends to quit the BBC, citing the declining quality of BBC1's programming. Edmonds said that he regretted leaving, but was "heartbroken" at the state of the corporation.

Blair studies Stanford University in California is to run a course entitled "Tony Blair's Not-So-New Politics in Britain". The course tutor Professor Gerald Dorfman explained: "New Labour is the perfect expression of free-market politics. Blair worked out what the voter wanted and then figured out how to sell them the product." The eight-week course has already signed up 40 students and costs £560.

Critical composer The leading Scottish composer James MacMillan has described anti-Catholicism as "still a significant element of Scottish culture". His remarks came in a speech at the Edinburgh Festival entitled "Scotland's Shame", in which the composer claimed that the newly devolved Scotland had become "Northern Ireland without the guns and bullets".

A molecule a day Two scientists were among 12 volunteers injected with small amounts of plutonium in an attempt to scotch the belief that the substance is lethal. The research will be used to establish if exposure to plutonium harms workers in the nuclear industry.

Now you see it . . . Parts of Britain were cast into darkness as a total eclipse of the sun, the first in 72 years, took place. Eclipse fatigue had set in, however, with one campsite in Cornwall reporting that fewer than 100 people had pitched camp in a site licensed for 7,000 to witness the event.

Tensions mount India shot down a Pakistani surveillance aircraft, killing all 16 crew. The incident, which Pakistan condemned as "unprovoked aggression", sparked fears of a fourth war between the neighbouring states. American officials have called on both nations to use restraint.