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Tory troubles The Tory party treasurer, Michael Ashcroft, was embroiled in fresh controversy this week. A leaked memo revealed that Foreign Office diplomats had accused the billionaire businessman of threatening to use his links with overseas politicians to "stir up trouble" for Britain, unless he was given the right to set up a bank in an offshore tax haven.

Schu stopped After his crash in Sunday's British Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher was forced to abandon his hopes of winning the Formula One championship. He went off the track at Stowe Corner and plunged into a tyre wall at more than 100mph. He expects to be out of racing for at least two months.

History rewritten British history was rewritten twice over this week. Francois Neveux accused England of ignoring the Norman conquest of 1066 out of hurt pride. "The English are the children of William the Conqueror," the historian said. Meanwhile, Stephen Knight, professor of English literature at Cardiff University, announced that Robin Hood was gay after studying medieval texts recording his deeds. Little John, not Maid Marion, was his true love.

Non voyage A stateless Iranian-born refugee has been living in Charles de Gaulle airport for 11 years, since he was first refused entry to both Britain and France, as he had no papers. Alfred Merhan has been living in legal no-man's land, between the Paris passport barrier and the gates at terminal one, since 1988. Now Merhan can apply for a titre de voyage, a sort of passport for refugees, entitling him to leave.

Sunny Scunny According to an Independent on Sunday survey this week, North Lincolnshire is the place for pensioners. At the heart of the county is Scunthorpe, famous for its steel mills, and Cleethorpes, a small coastal resort. But it is tops when it comes to looking after its senior citizens. For example, North Lincolnshire spends £83.30 for every resident over 65. Rutland, bottom of the league, managed only £56.10.

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