7 Days

Race war On 4 July, American independence day, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith drove around Illinois and Indiana in his blue Ford Taurus car shooting at Orthodox Jews, African Americans and Koreans. This racist carnage resulted in two dead and nine wounded. When police eventually caught up with him, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chin.

Riches on the road Up to 200,000 carpet-baggers (recent joiners) will be among the 4.6 million full members of the AA to enjoy a windfall of at least £240 each this autumn, after the £1.1 billion takeover of Britain's self-styled fourth emergency service by Centrica, part of the former British Gas.

PC for Dickens The dramatist Alan Bleasdale is updating Charles Dickens's Fagin character in an ITV version of Oliver Twist that will dump Ron Moody's "singing Shylock" in favour of a more politically correct persona: Robert Lyndsay will play Fagin as a former magician brought up in Prague.

War and peace This week's return to London of the famous Bolshoi ballet was overshadowed by a flurry of lawyers' letters. The former artistic director, Yuri Grigorovich, who led the company for 30 years, has claimed copyright - and royalties estimated at £100,000 - for three of the six ballets in the London season. He claims that the versions being danced in London are those that he devised in the 1960s and 1970s and that copyright rests with him.