7 Days

Janet takes the hot seat In a surprising move, the Independent on Sunday announced the appointment of Janet Street-Porter as editor. Well known for her glottal stops and passion for rambling, the former BBC head of Yoof Programming replaces Kim Fletcher.

Ron bows under pressure Ron Davies resigned his post as chair of the Education Development Committee in the new Welsh administration. The former Welsh secretary had come under increasing pressure since revealing that he was bisexual and receiving psychiatric treatment for a compulsive need for risk-taking.

Farewell to arms Slobodan Milosevic, president of Serbia, now faces trouble in his own backyard. Hundreds of army reservists who fought in the recent Kosovan conflict are blockading four towns in central Serbia and demanding his resignation. The soldiers claim they have not been paid.

Media bias More political controversy for Greg Dyke, the future BBC director-general. The Tories have spent £100,000 to recruit a specialist firm to monitor the corporation's news programmes for bias, including Today, World at One and Newsnight.

Holiday heatwave Chernobyl, scene of the world's worst nuclear accident, is back in business - as a tourist attraction. Ukrainian travel agents are offering trips to tourists "interested in ecological problems".

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