7 Days

Off with his head Old habits die hard in the royal family, where the new Earl of Wessex was not amused at the gloomy expression on the face of his nephew Prince William - and had it removed. Fortunately digital technology was on hand, and the young prince's head-transplant operation was performed painlessly.

Home alone It looks as if Hillary Clinton will soon be retiring from family life to spend more time with her political career, leaving Bill with only Socks and Buddy for company. Reports suggest that Hillary will be moving to New York in the autumn to start getting to know the voters who, she hopes, will put her in the Senate.

No Hen party for tennis queens Overwhelmed by his success in the first round of Wimbledon, Tim Henman took time out to accuse his female counterparts of greed in their quest for equal pay in the world's top tournaments. Has Henman spent too long with Dutchman Richard Krajicek, who incurred the ladies' wrath a few years ago when he called them "lazy, fat pigs"?

Stoned Midsummer madness spread from the City to Wiltshire when 400 revellers stormed Stonehenge for the solstice. Druids and other invited guests could only look on as the trespassers climbed the monument in time to watch the sun come up.

North and south Further evidence of the great divide emerged with a survey of property prices across the country. The sale of the "average" property in St John's Wood, London, for £400,000 can now buy you an entire street in the Derby suburb of Crewton, where a two-bedroom house costs £29,000.

Integrated chaos London's "joined-up transport system" looks more fractured than ever as the entire Circle Line has been shut down in order to repair one section of the 130-year-old tunnels. At least three line closures are planned for the next year. Is this John Prescott's latest incentive to tempt drivers back into their cars?

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