7 Days

High school massacre Up to 25 people were believed to have been killed when two gunmen and a person armed with bombs attacked Columbine High School in Colorado. Police described the act as a "suicide mission" and the bodies of two suspects were recovered from the school.

Brixton bomb claim A man who claimed to be from the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 made an anonymous telephone call to accept responsibility for an explosion in Brixton market which injured 39 people. The call was made from a public telephone box in the street where Stephen Lawrence was killed in 1993.

England's tax burden Every English region, with the exception of the North-east and North-west, pays more in tax than it receives in public spending, according to research by the Guardian. The Midlands is particularly badly hit, while Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all receive far more from the government than they pay in taxes.

The market's not enough Peter Lilley, the Tories' deputy leader, called on his party to place a greater emphasis on public services. In the Rab Butler Memorial Lecture, he declared: "Conservatism is not, never has been and never will be solely about the free market." Lilley is currently overseeing a policy review, which will produce a draft manifesto in the autumn.

Monet, Monet, Monet The Royal Academy's Monet exhibition, Britain's most successful art show ever, closed its doors for the last time. During its final weekend, the exhibition opened for a continuous 34 hours due to the unprecedented demand. An average of 8,552 visitors a day attended the show during its 12-week run.

That ain't no way to treat a squirrel KLM Royal Dutch Airlines killed 440 illegally imported squirrels by dropping them into an industrial meat-processing machine. Dutch animal rights groups denounced the act as unnecessarily cruel and forced a parliamentary debate on the issue. KLM claimed it was merely following the guidelines of the National Inspection Service for Livestock Meat.