7 Days

Pinochet's arrest "unjust" George Bush, the former US president, has called for the release of General Pinochet, the ex-dictator of Chile. Bush was director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the mid-1970s when Pinochet was in power.

Independence must wait Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, launched its manifesto for the Welsh Assembly elections, entitled Working for the New Wales. The document rules out Welsh independence in the short term. The party hopes to become Labour's main opposition and expects to win about one-quarter of the 60 seats.

A flying visit John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, was accused of "taking the mickey" when he visited Peterborough for 28 seconds. Prescott was travelling between Hull and London when he made a whistlestop visit for the benefit of local journalists. One reporter complained: "Presumably, we are supposed to be delighted that he sets foot on our soil, even if it is for less than 30 seconds on a railway platform." A spokeswoman for Prescott countered: "It wasn't supposed to be a major ministerial set-piece."

Physics is sexy Scientists at the annual congress of the Institute of Physics decided they needed to glamorise their image. Professor Susan Greenfield, Britain's highest-paid female scientist, said that science teachers should buy "platform trainers or whatever it is the Spice Girls wear". Averil Macdonald, an educational consultant, called for every physics teacher to be given an expensive car.

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