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Wendy Davis, who looks likely to lose her bid to be Texas governor. Photo: Stewart F House/Getty
The US Midterms: the races you need to watch
By Nicky Woolf - 04 November 11:39

Rarely has an election elicited a louder national cry of “meh”. But there are some important races buried beneath the banality.

Wendy Davis during her 13-hour filibuster of an anti-abortion bill in the Texas state senate. Photo: Getty
Can Wendy Davis become the first Democratic governor of Texas in 20 years?
By Nicky Woolf - 03 April 14:48

Wendy Davis shot to fame in 2012 after her 13-hour filibuster to stop a particularly vicious anti-abortion bill. But can she convert that kind of recognition into victory in the race to be governor of Texas?

In “Mitt”, Mitt Romney is both alien and somehow also beautifully, terribly human
By Nicky Woolf - 29 January 16:46

A new film following Mitt Romney from his failed first presidential bid in 2007-8 to his doomed candidacy in 2012 may not be political dynamite, but it is an oddly compelling portrait of a very awkward man.

If Chris Christie wants to be president, he has to shake off the stench of New Jersey politics
By Nicky Woolf - 16 January 12:48

Chris Christie's presidential hopes have taken a hit, thanks to the "bridge" scandal. But if he learns the lesson that the American public has little tolerance for proto-Nixonion political thuggery, and – crucially – stops hiring people who operate that w

Double Down by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann: The unique pomp and circumstance of a US presidential race
By Nicky Woolf - 12 December 14:40

Written by <i>Time</i>’s Mark Halperin and <i>New York Magazine</i>’s John Heilemann, this book is based on more than 500 in-depth interviews with everyone from junior advisers to the candidates, recorded on the condition of a strict embargo.

Who is Ted Cruz and how did he nearly crash the US government?
By Nicky Woolf - 21 October 11:07

Ted Cruz, a first-term senator from Texas, took the US government to the brink of disaster. He has paid a high price in credibility, but he wasn't always a punchline.

New Statesman
America's dangerous debt dance
By Nicky Woolf - 28 September 11:46

By threatening debt default and government shutdown, Congressional Republicans are risking disaster.

Obama's bizarre TV address: the President dithers over Syria
By Nicky Woolf - 11 September 10:47

Obama could not be clearer: something needs to be done about Assad. But he is ducking every opportunity to act.

War in Syria: Barack Obama has run out of friends
By Nicky Woolf - 01 September 8:52

In passing the decision on Syria strikes on to Congress, the President has decided it's better to look like a coward than a hypocrite.

The ugly truth behind Obama's Syria plan
By Nicky Woolf - 29 August 11:44

Targeted strikes to punish Assad will only perpetuate the conflict – and that's exactly what the American government wants.

Why Anthony Weiner is America's Boris Johnson
By Nicky Woolf - 25 July 10:15

"Carlos Danger" is the man New Yorkers just can't let go of.

We Need To Talk About Zimmerman
By Nicky Woolf - 17 July 12:47

In reality, nobody alive but George Zimmerman knows exactly what happened the night that Trayvon Martin was shot. In all the speculation, nobody is talking about the real problem: guns.

DOMA and Proposition 8: The perils and benefits of an activist Supreme Court
By Nicky Woolf - 27 June 17:04

The Supreme Court rulings on the Defence of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 stand in stark contrast to the day before, and show a split activist court.

The heart of the Voting Rights Act ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court
By Nicky Woolf - 26 June 12:53

The problem is that the racism the Voting Rights Act attempts to counteract never really went away.

Pro-choice protestors outside the University of Texas. (File Photo) Photograph: Getty Images
What the hell actually happened in Texas last night?
By Nicky Woolf - 26 June 9:36

Chaos and confusion in the Capitol.

Edward Snowden: The NSA whistleblower unmasks
By Nicky Woolf - 09 June 21:24

The whistleblower who leaked Top Secret documents to the <em>Guardian</em> about NSA domestic spying practices has revealed himself to be 29-year-old Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee.

The PRISM logo.
The NSA's data tapping: America through the PRISM
By Nicky Woolf - 07 June 15:04

The <em>Guardian</em>'s stories of the last two days are the highest-level US leaks since the Pentagon Papers.

Will Obama be remembered as the Snooper President?
By Nicky Woolf - 06 June 14:19

The President is caught riding rough-shod over privacy for the second time in a month.

Obama and Christie at their joint press conference on the Jersey Shore
Beware the undertow on the Jersey Shore
By Nicky Woolf - 30 May 9:15

Governor Chris Christie's cosy relationship with Obama could turn and bite him in the Primaries.

Obama's crappy week
By Nicky Woolf - 17 May 9:36

In just a couple of days, Obama's government machine had managed to inflame both their political opponents and the press to apoplexy, writes Nicky Woolf.

Not sleeping is awful beyond belief, but I can't imagine life without my insomnia
By Nicky Woolf - 01 May 16:20

Sleeplessness is difficult to cope with, and can result in dizziness, paranoia and hallucinations. But chronic insomnia sufferer Nicky Woolf reckons he'll see the sunrise more times than you will.

State of the Union: Obama seizes his second term by the horns
By Nicky Woolf - 13 February 15:51

Gun control was a clear priority in the President's speech.

A Samsung phone, a Blackberry phone and an iPhone 4.
Blackberry's famous, desperate last stand
By Nicky Woolf - 30 January 14:13

Blackberry-worshipper Nicky Woolf is begging RIM not to sound the death knell on the device he loves so much.

President Obama steps out onto the platform for his second inauguration
The inauguration speech: Obama’s “come and have a go” moment
By Nicky Woolf - 22 January 9:00

Since December's school shooting in Connecticut, the President's voice has a new edge to it - a hardness, a determination, an aggression and a volume.

The response to Lance Armstrong's admissions is ghoulish
By Nicky Woolf - 19 January 23:22

If Americans are so invested in their sporting heroes that they are distraught when they turn out to be merely human then that's the nation's sickness, not just Armstrong's.

Biden and Obama during the press conference at the White House
Obama and Biden unveil bold and significant gun control reform proposals
By Nicky Woolf - 17 January 9:01

If they can get it through Congress, this would be a ban with teeth.

In the wrangle over America's Fiscal Cliff, Barack Obama holds all the cards
By Nicky Woolf - 31 December 10:04

There is no incentive for the Democrats to be conciliatory on the budget negotiations; nor, after the last few years of partisan bad feeling, will there be much inclination among them to do so.

Obama must now make gun control his legacy
By Nicky Woolf - 15 December 9:22

Before the public outrage over the Connecticut shooting dissipates, the president must take a stand.

Elise Andrew: "There is a lot of pseudo-science and nonsense out there on the internet"
By Nicky Woolf - 12 December 12:19

The founder of the hugely popular "I Fucking Love Science" Facebook group talks to Nicky Woolf.

David Petraeus, pre-resignation.
The American people were mis-sold the General Petraeus scandal
By Nicky Woolf - 22 November 15:17

It wasn't about security. It was about sex.