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Morning Call: The best from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days.

1) Hague insists ad hoc talks are the best way forward with Spain (GBC News)
The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has insisted that his proposal for ad hoc talks is the best way forward to allow issues between Gibraltar and Spain to be resolved. Mr Hague was the main witness at a session of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the UK Parliament, where the director for Europe at the Foreign Office, Jill Morris, also provided evidence.

2) Gibraltar top officials on a lobbying and trade promotion tour in Washington (Merco Press)
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Joseph Garcia completed a hectic agenda of engagements in Washington, meeting congressmen and representatives of the US Department of Commerce to discuss Gibraltar as an area of US national interest.

3) Spanish government threatens Gibraltar bunker supplier with sanctions (Panorama)
It has been confirmed that the Spanish Government has threatened with sanctions a legally-established bunkering company supplying bunkers to shipping in Gibraltar waters. The Spanish are arguing that the company was carrying out activities contrary to a Spanish Royal Decree, and that the waters adjacent to Gibraltar are Spanish.

4) Unite and government strengthen partnership (Gibraltar Chronicle)
Unite the Union held a Joint Integrated Development Programme with the Gibraltar Government in a bid to modernise industrial relations. The event, described by the unions as ‘very successful’, was held in Unite’s training facility in Esher (UK).

5) GFA CEO optimistic about FIFA membership (GBC News)
The Chief Executive Officer of the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA), Dennis Beiso, has told GBC he's guardedly optimistic that Gibraltar will be a member of FIFA by 2016. Speaking on Thursday, GFA President Desmond Reoch said the hurry to have a new national stadium built by September 2016 is so that Gibraltar can use it to play its qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup.



A year on from the Spending Review, the coalition's soothsayer has emerged to offer another gloomy economic prognosis. Asked by ITV News whether he could promise that there wouldn't be a double-dip recession, Vince Cable replied: "I can't do that.

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Morning Call: The best from Gibraltar

A selection of the best articles about politics, business and life on the Rock from the last seven days.

There will be some red eyes on the Rock this morning as politicians stayed up awaiting election results, to find eventually that the ruling party is unchanged. Yahoo! was among the first news sites with the coverage, confirming that Fabian Picardo will continue as chief minister heading up a coalition of the Socialist Labour Party and the Liberals. The Gibraltar Social Democrats, led by Daniel Feetham, won seven seats compared to the winning coalition’s ten.

Picardo won the highest number of single votes, according to GBC, followed by Joseph Garcia and Dr. John Cortes. With his 10,852 votes the chief minister won over double those of his opposite number Daniel Feetham, who had 5,054. The same report confirms that with 70.77% of the electorate choosing to vote, this is the lowest turnout for a Gibraltarian election since 1980.

There will be more on the election on our Gibraltar hub on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, life has continued as per normal on the Rock. A new money lending business has established itself, says GBC. The UK had its spending review as readers will be well aware, but details on the Rock were in short supply, said the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Most excitingly, though, it’s been revealed that “I’m A Celebrity…” star Lady Colin Campbell has links to Gibraltar. The full report is in the Olive Press, and we’d tell you more but unfortunately your editor lost the will to live half way through reading it… 

Guy Clapperton is the freelance journalist who edits the New Statesman’s Gibraltar hub. You can also find him in the Guardian, Computer Business Review and Professional Outsourcing which he edits.