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David Sullivan to bring Sunday Sport back to newsstands

Newspaper to return to the shelves - but no ressurection for its sister paper, the Daily Sport.

David Sullivan, pornographic entrepreneur, co-owner of West Ham United Football Clun and founder of the Sunday Sport weekly newspaper is said to be on the brink of singing an agreement to save his former Sunday paper.

It could return to newsstands as early as 8 May. However, its sister paper the Daily Sport is not due to resume publication.

Sources argue there already exists a contract between the paper's current owners, the Sport Media Group (SMG), and Sullivan. However, the latter has not signed yet and the group have stated they "are not in a position to announce a sale or confirm a sale".

SMG ceased publishing both the Sunday Sport and aits daily counterpart after a series of insufficient sales and put them up for sale on 1 April.

Sullivan is thought to be on his way to buying the Sunday paper for under £1m. He founded the Sunday Sport in 1986, and set up its daily counterpart in 1991. In December 2007, he sold his 50 per cent stake to SMG -- for close to £40m. However, he regained some importance in the company in 2009, bailing it out with a £1.68m loan, in exchange of a 9.9 per cent share.