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News International accused of deceiving the Commons

Chris Bryant MP says Rebekah Brooks told "a blatant lie" to commons committee.

A Labour MP who claims to be a victim of phone-hacking by the News of the World yesterday accused News International executives of telling "blatant" lies to the House of Commons.

Rhonnda MP Chris Bryant has become one of the most vocal campaigners against the News of the World since discovering last year that he was on a list of those allegedly targeted by the newspaper.

Last month he filed a complaint at the High Court alleging his phone was being hacked as long ago as 2003.

Yesterday Bryant told the Commons: "Over the Easter break - an unfortunate term, perhaps - News International confessed to the fact that there had been a very significant degree of criminality at the News of the World, in direct contradiction to the evidence that it had provided to two Select Committees of this House."

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