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Northcliffe media chief to launch in depth internal review.

Former Metro boss, Steve Auckland, will review his struggling new group's regional newspapers with t

Steve Auckland is set to launch a thorough review of 115 regional newspapers owned by Northcliffe Media, itself a property of Daily Mail & General Trust (DGMT).

Northcliffe currently employs 2800 staff and has seen is profits drop from £93 to £30, between 2007 and 2010. This has lead DGMT to consider selling the regional publisher.

Auckland said he would consider measures such as reducing the number of publishing days for loss-making titles, adding closures were also a possibility.

"I've not got a brief to carve up and sell on. I think regionals still have a future, it is a great brief to have and it's long-term growth I'm after, not a short-term fix", Auckland said.