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Met officer to give further evidence on phone hacking

Assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police is facing accusations of misleading the police on

John Yates, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police, is to be questioned by the culture, media, and sports committee over accusations he misled parliament last year.

Yates claimed that the Met could only prove hacking in a small proportion of cases because the interpretation of the law surrounding phone hacking is too narrow.

He stated that the the Crown Prosecution Service had affirmed that the only route to prosecution was if a voicemail message had been listened to by a third party before the intended recipient.

The director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, argued that he has since made it clear to police that prosecution can be made without the need for a third party having heard a message first. He also claimed the narrow interpretation of the law Yates blamed played no part in the conviction of two men who were jailed in early 2007 for hacking voicemail.

Liam McLaughlin is a freelance journalist who has also written for Prospect and the Huffington Post. He tweets irregularly @LiamMc108.