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Over 200 jobs cut by publisher Northcliffe Media

In the first quarter of its financial year, the regional publisher cut over 200 jobs.

Regional newspaper publisher Northcliffe Media cut more than 200 jobs in the first quarter of its financial year, it was revealed today.

A management statement covering the three months to 2 January issued by DMGT today revealed that revenue for Northcliffe dropped six per cent to £59m in the period. Circulation revenue was down three per cent year on year and advertising revenue down six per cent.

It revealed that publishing costs had been cut by six per cent year on year and said that headcount at Northcliffe had been cut by 8 per cent in the three months to January. This equates to more than 200 jobs.

Recruitment advertising revenue was said to be down 26 per cent year on year, public notices revenue down 13 per cent and property advertising revenue up 1.5 per cent.

Digital advterising revenue was said to be 'marginally down' at Northcliffe - with a 21 per cent fall in recruitment advertising revenue offset by "strong growth" in property, motors and services revenue.

Visitor numbers to the network of regional newspaper websites were said to up 28 per cent year on year. And DMGT revealed that since December last year 83 new Local-people ultra-local community websites had been launched by Northcliffe.

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Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette