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Tommy Sheridan convicted of lying under oath

Former Scottish MP found guilty of perjury in defamation case against News of the World.

Former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan has been convicted of lying under oath during his defamation case against the News of the World (NoW).

The 46-year old was found guilty of committing perjury when he won his £200,000 libel against the NoW in 2006. The court said Sheridan was free until sentencing hearing on 26 January.

Sheridan is likely to face jail according to the presiding judge, Lord Bracadale. The jury of twelve women and two men concluded the case after sitting through 44 days of evidence and listening to 69 witnesses.

The former Scottish MP and his wife were under trial on charges of perjury for the last 12 weeks.

Responding to the judges' ruling, Sheridan said: "For three years my wife and I have faced charges of perjury. I have fought the power of News International [owners of the NoW] all my political life and I make no apologies for taking on the might of Rupert Murdoch."

He added that after spending millions of pounds of public money on him and his wife, the government needs to spend similar resources on investigating the activities of the NoW.

In 2006, the NoW carried stories that Sheridan had adulterous affairs and visited a Manchester sex club, Cupids, with two of his lovers. Denying those claims, Sheridan sued the paper and won libel against it.