The Sun admits publishing false story about Al-Qaeda and Coronation Street

Tabloid apologies for falsely claiming that terrorist group had targeted TV soap.

News International-owned the Sun has admitted that the story it had published about the pre-Christmas live episode of Coronation Street being targeted by al-Qaeda was false.

The Sun published a front page story headlined "Al-Qaeda Corrie Threat" on 9 December, which allegedly claimed that the terrorist group al-Qaeda was targeting filming of the popular soap Coronation Street.

The article, written by Guy Patrick, cited an unnamed "source" on the programme suggesting a terrorist threat to the Corrie studios and claimed that the police are taking the source seriously.

However, Greater Manchester Police confirmed soon after publication that the Sun's far-fetched story was not true. It said it was only assisting the show's production team in minimising outside disruptions during filming of the live episode.

The paper published a correction on Tuesday stating: "Further to our article about increased security at Coronation Street's studios for their live 50th anniversary episode (December 9), we would like to make clear that while cast and crew were subject to full body searches, there was no specific threat from Al-Qaeda as we reported."

"We apologise for the misunderstanding and are happy to set the record straight."