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Moncrieff: 'Coalition has tamed the Fleet Street beast'

Press Association political correspondent says government handling the press better than Labour did

Veteran Press Association political correspondent Chris Moncrieff has said that a "baffled" Fleet Street has so far give the Coalition Government an easy ride.

Writing in the current issue of the British Journalism review, Moncrieff says: "Reporters who believed that smear stories would drop into their laps like autumn windfalls are gathering a meagre harvest....One reason for this is probably that neither party to the Coalition wants an early general election (nor does the Opposition, for that matter), so now is certainly not the time for any reckless boat-rocking."

But he adds: "Probably the main reason is that the Coalition is handling the press far more astutely than did Labour when in power."

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Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette