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Controversial pictures land Daily Mail in trouble

Spanish Attorney General may prosecute newspaper over photos of Andalusia's youngest mother

The Spanish Attorney General could prosecute the Daily Mail for printing pictures of Andalusia's youngest mother and her family.

The paper revealed pictures of Elena Chiritescu, a 10-year Romanian girl, who gave birth to a girl child on 26 October in an Andalusian city. It also showed photographs of the child's 13-year father, Gheorghe Mecic.

The Mail initially broke the news on 2 November and followed it up five days later with pictures of the couple. But it did not reveal the baby's photo.

A report on an English-language news website in the autonomous community in Spain, said the Seville prosecutors' office is keen on taking action against the UK newspaper for invading the privacy of a minor.

The office is said to have sent the offending news article to the Attorney General in Madrid to decide whether legal action should be taken against the paper.

Last week María José Segarra, the Chief Prosecutor in Sevilla, requested the media to stop printing images of the family's home in Lebrija, adding that she was suing a newspaper in Cádiz which had printed the first photos of the child.