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Ugandan court bans newspaper from publishing gay list

Tabloid's editor quoted as saying he has no evidence to support his paper's claims.

An Ugandan court has ordered Kampala's weekly tabloid Rolling Stone to stop publishing names and photographs of gay people, after it published a list of 100 allegedly gay people last month.

The newspaper's leading article titled "Men of Shame Part II" pictured about 20 men and described them as "generals" of the gay movement in Uganda, and called for homosexual people to be hanged.

A gay rights group, Sexual Minorities in Uganda (SMUG), reacted immediately and obtained a court order to block any such publication going further.

Frank Mugisha, leader of SMUG, said such publications could lead to wider suffering and may affect not only pictured people but also those who are suspected of being gay.

However, the paper's editor Giles Muhame defended the article saying despite knowing that homosexuality in the country is punishable, a group of "heartless homosexuals" are seriously recruiting and brainwashing unsuspecting kids into gay circles.

AFP quoted him as saying that though he had no evidence to suggest that the pictured men in the article were involved, exposing them was important and had "news value".