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CBS Radio correspondent, wife arrested on drug charges

Howard Arenstein and his wife Orly Azoulay were arrested on Saturday and charged with intent to dist

CBS Radio News correspondent Howard Arenstein and his wife Orly Azoulay were arrested Saturday, in their Northwest Washington home, on charges of growing marijuana plants in their yard.

The Washington Post quoted the police saying that they were charged with the intent to distribute the drug.

It is understood that the police, who executed a search warrant at Arenstein's home after a tip off from a local resident, found 11 fully mature marijuana plants in the yard and six two-ounce bags of marijuana inside the home. They estimate that each plant is equal to one pound of cannabis.

Azoulay works as the Washington correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

According to CBS News's Web site, the 60-year old Arenstein was involved in reporting major events such as the disputed 2000 presidential election; the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks; and the Iraq war.

Arenstein also serves as Radio Bureau manager for CBS News, Washington.