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Daily Star pays libel damages over false Raoul Moat story

The Star published a false story that Rockstar Games was planning a Raoul Moat version of their game

The Daily Star has paid an undisclosed amount of libel damages to Rockstar Games, the creator of video game 'Grand Theft Auto', for publishing a false story that the company was planning a version of the game based on the exploits of the gunman Raoul Moat.

The Star published a story in July that the company's new game - Grand Theft Auto Rothbury - would be based on the events that led to Moat's death. The newspaper commented in the article that the people behind the production of the game were "questionable idiots" who were making money out of other people's misery.

Melanie Hart, the solicitor for Take 2 Interactive (Rockstar Games), argued before the high court judge that the paper published the story without seeking the company's permission and that it also "solicited and published quotes from third parties".

The paper quoted one of the relatives of Moat's victim saying that the alleged plan to create such a game was "sick".

Hart said Express Newspapers admitted that it did not approach the company before publication and that Rockstar Games never had any intention to create such a video game at any time.

She noted that the Star had agreed to pay substantial damages and the company's legal costs.

Express Newspapers said the group accepted that the allegations were untrue and apologised for the discomfort caused.