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France gives away more free newspaper subscriptions

'Mon Journal Offert' launched as part of a €600m bailout the French press.

The French Ministry for Culture and Communication, in a bid to encourage newspaper reading among its citizens will be giving away 220,000 free newspaper subscriptions to people in the age group of 18-24.

The move marks the second phase of the state funded programme - Mon Journal Offert (My Complimentary Newspaper) - which was started in October 2009 where in 200,000 subscriptions of 59 enlisted publications were given out to the public.

Subscribers got one copy per week of their chosen paper, the cost of which was shared between the newspaper publishers and tax-payers.

300,000 applications were received within 7 months prompting the government to increase the number of subscriptions. 200,000 of these have been accepted.

The programme which is expected to cost the government over £13m in the next three years has met with "considerable success," announced the ministry at a press conference.

Mon Journal Offert was launched as part of a €600m bailout the French press was given, following a three month study on the industry's condition.