Two Yemeni journalists held incommunicado for 20 days

The two journalists have not been allowed access to a lawyer or any other form of help.

Two Yemeni journalists have been held incommunicado by Yemeni authorities without charge for more than 20 days now.

Al-Qaeda expert Abdulelah Shaea and cartoonist Kamal Sharaf were arrested by the National Security in Sanaa on 16 and 17 August, according to Mohammed Naji Allaw, a lawyer and the head of rights group Hood.

"This is considered a crime of incarceration," Allaw said, insisting that the pair's detention was "in breach of laws and constitution" because they have not been even allowed access to lawyers or any help.

While a team of lawyers are willing to defend the duo, Allaw said that the National Security has not referred the defendants' case to the prosecution service. He added that the agency claims to have referred the cases to the prosecution that specialises in terrorism cases, but that has not happened so far.

Reporters Without Borders condemned the arrest and urged President Ali Abdallah Saleh to have them released.