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Aberdeen council cuts down on newspapers to save money

Cutting provision of dailies to councillors will save £1,336 a year for Scottish city

The Aberdeen council has decided to stop providing copies of the Daily Record, the Scottish Sun, the Scottish Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, theFinancial Times and the Times, to its 43 councillors in order to save money.

However, it will continue to provide them three copies of the Press and Journal, two copies of the Evening Express and one copy each of the Herald and the Scotsman.

Council head, Sue Bruce, is believed to have told councillors that funds are low, and the administration is keen on saving money wherever possible.

The council is expected to save £1,336 a year because of the move.

It has emerged that the council has also cut upon complimentary 'rowies' - a local delicacy - or fruit, to the councillors. They would now only be provided with complimentary tea or coffee.

There are fears that newspaper sales would be affected if other councils across Britain also replicate Aberdeen's decision to introduce such spending cuts.