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Chinese cartoon defies Tiananmen Square censorship

Cartoon refering to crackdown is printed 21 years after incident but later removed from paper's webs

The Southern Metropolis Daily of China has defied a two decade-old government ban on any mention of the Tiananmen Square incident by publishing a cartoon alluding to the event.

Ostensibly marking Children's Day on 1 June, the drawing clearly refers to the 1989 crackdown on student protesters by the Chinese military.

It depicts a little boy's drawing on a blackboard of a row of tanks moving towards a stick figure. This is an overt reference to the iconic photograph of the Tiananmen protests, when an unarmed man blocked military tanks by refusing to move from their path.

The event, widely considered a violent repression of democracy by China, commemorates its 21st anniversary on 4 June.

While some reports say the cartoon has been removed from the newspaper's website, The Times reports that it could still be found on page 16 of the PDF version of the Chinese daily.