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Sun criticised for gay cabinet minister poll

Commentators slam paper for asking readers about acceptance of gay ministers.

The Sun tabloid has come under attack for its poll asking if gay people should be cabinet ministers, following treasury chief secretary David Law's resignation.

Britain's biggest selling paper was criticised by media commentators and a swathe of Twitter users for the YouGov poll that it published on Tuesday.

The Newstatesman's George Eaton condemned the fact that the paper "views this as a legitimate and worthwhile debate", despite Britain having introduced civil partnerships, repealed Section 28 and legalised gay adoption.

Of the 958 respondents to the poll, 89 per cent said they actively supported or were accepting of gay cabinet ministers, five per cent said it was "a bad thing" to have them, while the remaining 5 per cent did not have a view on the matter.

Law quit his post on Saturday after it was disclosed that he claimed rent expenses for residing in a property owned by his secret partner.

The poll's critics also highlighted that in 1998 the Sun had published a controversial headline warning readers that Britain was run by a "gay mafia".