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Former editor of the Scotsman dies at 49

Ardent sportsman who overcame Hodgkin's disease fell ill while playing cricket.

Alan Ruddock, former editor of the Scotsman and a Sunday Independent journalist, died Sunday evening.

The 49-year old journalist, who was an ardent sportsman, fell ill while playing cricket in Ireland. He had previously overcome Hodgkin's disease.

Ruddock was editor of the Scotsman newspaper between 1998 and 2000, and was the first editor of the Sunday Times Irish edition from 1993. During his stint as the editor of the Scotsman, he oversaw coverage of the creation of the Scottish Parliament.

The present editor of the Scotsman, John McLellan, described Ruddock as an instinctive journalist with a keen eye for political and business stories.

He was also hailed by the Sunday Independent as one of the "mainstays" of the newspaper.

Ruddock is survived by his wife Jackie and teenage sons.