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Times launches new sites

Sites will cost £1 a day or £2 a week.

The Times Newspapers has launched separate new websites for the Times ( and the Sunday Times ( These have been designed to resemble the newsprint look so that readers do not miss the visual sense of the newspapers.

According to paidContent UK, both the online papers are free for those who register by creating a free Times+ account. The News Corp-owned company will start charging readers £1 a day or £2 a week, after a month.

Both the papers carry news, business and sport on Sunday and Monday morning but carries more features throughout the week, with supplements highlighted on the homepage.

The Sunday Times website uses different features such as a People Gallery to direct readers into text interviews, a custom Style Widget on latest fashions, and a Culture Planner offering Sky+ remote record and theatre bookings, through a series of retail affiliates.

The Times assistant editor Tom Whitwell said they are keen on becoming a social network for journalism rather than a news aggregator site.
Search engines will be given access only to the home pages of the two websites, not the individual articles they carry.