Indians prefer television to newspapers, says survey

Indians rate the television as a better medium of entertainment and advertisement compared to newspa

Consultancy firm Deloitte's Media Democracy survey showed that 92 per cent of the respondents rated television as the most preferred entertainment medium, while only 58 per cent preferred newspapers. Although many Indians still prefer reading newspapers with their morning cup of tea, analysts suggest the wider reach and visuals of television had prompted a large number to favour it.

The report suggests factors such as educational background and status have little impact on the respondents' preferences. It found that the habit of reading newspapers is more common among those above 26 years of age. However, 95 per cent of the senior citizens surveyed still preferred television to newspapers.

The survey was conducted in 2009, and covered the Indian cities of Bangalore, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Patna, Surat and Indore.