Guardian ad questions Independent's independence

The Guardian has hit out at the Independent by running an ad in the trade press that questions the p

The ad first appeared on 29th March in the Haymarket-owned Marketing magazine. Guardian will also run the ad in Marketing's sister title Campaign and in Press Gazette throughout this week. However, the ad will not run in the consumer press.

The ad, created by Wieden & Kennedy, features the Independent's masthead altered with Russian-style Cyrillic letters, such as a reversed N.

A strapline at the bottom reads: "Owned by no one. Free to say anything. The Guardian". The ad is in reference to the fact that the Guardian is owned not by an individual owner but by a foundation called The Scott Trust.

Adam Freeman, director of consumer media at Guardian News & Media (GN&M), has been reported as saying that the ad is "a bit of fun" and it would be restricted to running in the trade press this week.