Free London Evening Standard readership surges

The London Evening Standard's readership has increased from 556,000 in April to 1.37m in September,

The NRS figures showed that 76.7 per cent of ABC1 readers read the Standard, with increasing readership among the young. In the 15-44 year olds segment, the readership has grown from 56.7 to 62 per cent.

The readership reportedly increased after the paper declared that it was going free on 12 October and boosted its distribution to 600,000 copies.

The paper reportedly increased its advertising rates while promising certain targets, as it went free. The paper has exceeded the targets, according to the Standard's managing director Andrew Mullins.

However, the increase in distribution has increased the Standard's newsprint costs.

Despite the good news, the Standard is not keen to raise its advertising rates again or increase its distribution.