News of the World might settle out-of-court with Clifford

The News of the World is likely to make an out of court settlement with PR agent Max Clifford over t

Reportedly, the newspaper is apprehensive that the case might disclose further evidence of the involvement of its journalists in illegal information-gathering. On 3 February, Justice Vos ordered the disclosure of three important sets of documents to Clifford.

The Clifford case is important for Andy Coulson, media adviser to David Cameron and the former editor of the News of the World, who edited the paper during the illegal interceptions. News of the World's royal correspondent of that period, Clive Goodman, and private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, were jailed in 2007 for intercepting the voicemails of eight celebrities.

Three mobile companies had confirmed that the voicemails of over a 100 customers had been accessed in the preceding year by the two men.