Internet has reduced newspapers’ advertising expenditure

During the recession, brands that wanted to keep on advertising, flocked to the internet – and away

The internet's share of total UK ad spend rose by exactly the same amount (4.2 per cent) as newspapers lost last year. This is because the Internet is a medium with greater guarantees and more metrics.

Internet ad spend at the end of 2009 increased 4.2 per cent over the September quarter. But it was lesser than in previous years, and less than cinema (10.2 per cent). They were the only two media to attract more advertising money in 2009.

Meanwhile, according to an Advertising Association and WARC forecast, the amount spent on advertisements will increase by a modest 2.8 per cent this autumn.

This rise was preceded by nine consecutive quarters of annual decline. Last year, total ad spend fell by 12.7 per cent from 2008.