News of the World loses court battle

The News of the World has lost a court battle against celebrity publicist Max Clifford, who was keen

Clifford sought disclosure of documents that show evidence to his claim. However, the newspaper reportedly wanted to prevent the disclosure of the documents, which showed that many of its reporters used illegal methods to obtain personal information.

Justice Vos ruled that the newspaper should hand over the evidence to Clifford. He said that Clifford was entitled to see three sets of evidence to prove his point.

The first set of documents contained the evidence uncovered by David Clancy, an investigator for the information commissioner. He reportedly told the court that the News of the World and other newspapers requested the investigator to provide intimate details of the celebrities on an "endemic" scale.

The second set of documents contained evidence of the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire admitting that he had hacked into Clifford's messages.The judge also ordered the newspaper to disclose the copies of secret agreements between the paper and Mulcaire.

Three mobile companies have confirmed that Mulcaire, and the newspaper's royal reporter Clive Goodman hacked the voicemail messages, of more than 100 customers.