Belief, disbelief and beyond belief


The Church of Old England
By Nelson Jones - 13 July 16:52

The Church should embrace its ageing congregation and forget the awkward attempts to be trendy.

Lord Carey loses his pulpit
By Nelson Jones - 08 July 11:47

Among the few people mourning the sudden demise of the News of the World may well be the former Arch

God's Golden Hoard
By Nelson Jones - 04 July 17:23

Discoveries in an Indian temple confirm that religion can be a very effective wealth creation scheme

Is Kosher still kosher?
By Nelson Jones - 29 June 15:25

When it comes to animal welfare, should secular standards trump religious scruples?

A problem like Medea
By Nelson Jones - 24 June 11:48

It's all a bit too Greek for one vicar.

Trevor Phillips plays God
By Nelson Jones - 21 June 16:58

The trouble with religious discrimination

Politics and the pulpit
By Nelson Jones - 16 June 15:56

Who cares what an archbishop thinks, anyway?

Children being children
By Nelson Jones - 07 June 12:37

Are sex and shopping really the worst problems facing the nation's children?

Is religion just a matter of taste?
By Nelson Jones - 03 June 12:18

In our religiously plural society, faith has become become a source of identity -- and therefore of

What we can learn from Harold Camping
By Nelson Jones - 25 May 17:27

“People will often go to extraordinary lengths to maintain prior beliefs in the face of evidence to

Why Dawkins disappoints
By Nelson Jones - 20 May 12:23

“An atheist is like the lion running for its dinner – victory is desirable but not crucial.”