Belief, disbelief and beyond belief


Even Dawkins does Christmas
By Nelson Jones - 13 December 13:37

It's the cultural prestige of religion that gives it access to power and buttresses its claim to spe

Explaining the rightward drift
By Nelson Jones - 07 December 14:59

Austerity alone can't account for today's harsher and more individualistic attitudes.

Praying for an end to prayers
By Nelson Jones - 02 December 13:33

Are council prayers discriminatory, or just local democracy in action?

A very British anomaly
By Nelson Jones - 29 November 11:18

It's time to end the historic right of Anglican bishops to sit in the House of Lords.

Shouting down David Willetts
By Nelson Jones - 23 November 12:03

Last night a lecture at Cambridge by the minister for higher education was cancelled following a stu

The Revolution stripped bare
By Nelson Jones - 21 November 15:57

By taking off her clothes, did a young Cairo blogger prove that the Egyptian revolution was also nak

Equality between the sheets
By Nelson Jones - 16 November 13:03

The "right" to discriminate cuts both ways.

Poppy-burning and the limits of tolerance
By Nelson Jones - 11 November 13:15

Anjem Choudary is the man the tabloids love to hate, but does the government risk turning him into a free speech martyr?

Morality and the Markets
By Nelson Jones - 08 November 10:25

Capitalism and ethics make uncomfortable bedfellows, thinks Giles Fraser.

The power and the glory
By Nelson Jones - 01 November 12:00

The roots of the crisis that has now destroyed the careers of two of London's most senior Anglican c

Permission to speak
By Nelson Jones - 27 October 14:20

Is Adrian Smith a Christian martyr or just a casualty of corporate conformism?

Justice and the death of Gaddafi
By Nelson Jones - 21 October 13:00

The colonel's killers took the law into their own hands. Does this matter?

The atheist saints of Assisi
By Nelson Jones - 18 October 13:21

Does the inter-faith movement now officially include atheism?

The Pastor problem
By Nelson Jones - 13 October 16:19

Rick Perry isn't the first presidential candidate to be embarrassed by a turbulent preacher.

Mitt Romney's religion
By Nelson Jones - 10 October 14:23

Is Mormonism a "cult" or just the great American religion?

Steve Jobs: technological messiah
By Nelson Jones - 07 October 15:29

Does the reaction to its founder's death suggest that Apple has become a new religion?

The shrinking majority
By Nelson Jones - 29 September 12:43

Britain is still a Christian country but the drift towards secularism continues.

Prescribing Jesus
By Nelson Jones - 23 September 17:00

Is it appropriate for a doctor to offer Christianity as part of the treatment?

Saudi Arabia executes "sorcerer"
By Nelson Jones - 20 September 16:56

The kingdom's zero-tolerance attitude to psychics contrasts with our own more laissez-faire approach

Choosing an archbishop
By Nelson Jones - 13 September 13:15

Why should the appointment of Rowan Williams' successor be left to a faceless committee?

What would Jesus ban?
By Nelson Jones - 07 September 12:57

What is more offensive, a cartoon Jesus or the Advertising Standards Authority's decision to ban it?

Less faith, but more faith-schools
By Nelson Jones - 02 September 16:25

What lies behind the seemingly inexorable spread of religious-based education?

A mighty wind
By Nelson Jones - 30 August 13:37

People are making too much of Michele Bachmann's remark about the hurricane.

The politics of creationism
By Nelson Jones - 24 August 14:06

Evolution has become a touchstone issue for Republican presidential hopefuls.

For God and equality
By Nelson Jones - 19 August 13:31

Is the Equality and Human Rights Commission in total disarray?

The afterlife of Brian
By Nelson Jones - 16 August 12:11

Does a 30-year-old blasphemy row still have relevance today?

The monogamy monopoly
By Nelson Jones - 10 August 13:48

Should the state sanction or condone polygamous unions?

Hanging in the balance
By Nelson Jones - 01 August 17:43

Would today's politicians dare to abolish capital punishment in Britain?

Is this the end of Catholic Ireland?
By Nelson Jones - 22 July 12:56

Along with horror and disgust, it's possible to detect in the reaction to the scandal something appr

When "Right to die" really means "right to kill"
By Nelson Jones - 19 July 14:43

The ethical questions raised about the case of the woman known only as M disguise the human element