Belief, disbelief and beyond belief


New Statesman
Face to Faiths
By Nelson Jones - 02 May 16:37

How do we maintain a cohesive society with increasingly few shared beliefs and assumptions?

The church school paradox
The church school paradox
By Nelson Jones - 27 April 15:29

Do faith schools have an unfair advantage in Britain today?

Two nuns walk towards Ground Zero in New York.
Nuns on the run
By Nelson Jones - 20 April 10:35

Why is the Vatican cracking down on dissident American nuns?

York Cathedral.
Sentamu's bulldog to become top church spin-doctor
By Nelson Jones - 16 April 14:26

The Reverend Arun Arora has been appointed head of communications at Church House.

New Statesman
Some people are religious. Get over it!
By Nelson Jones - 13 April 11:02

The proposed "ex-gay" bus advert was offensive, but gay Christians face a genuine dilemma.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
Are religious people really more left-wing?
By Nelson Jones - 10 April 13:32

Demos's analysis suffers from some severe methodological problems.

Liverpool Cathedral
God's Morning Monopoly
By Nelson Jones - 03 April 13:25

Is it time to open up Thought For The Day to non-believers?

In 2001, a mere 12 per cent were turned off by politicians doing God. It's now 3
Too much of a God thing
By Nelson Jones - 22 March 15:05

Should American politicians revisit their assumption that God is necessarily a vote-winner?

The reluctant archbishop
By Nelson Jones - 16 March 12:28

The retiring leader of the Anglican communion leaves an ambiguous legacy.

Cross purposes
By Nelson Jones - 12 March 12:08

Why the government is opposing the right of two workers to wear crosses at work.

Is God sexist?
By Nelson Jones - 08 March 12:58

Religion has long been associated with the oppression and denigration of women, yet its appeal to th

Cardinal O'Brien jumps the shark
By Nelson Jones - 05 March 12:04

Allowing same-sex marriage is equivalent to legalising slavery, claims the head of the Catholic Chur

Justifying infanticide
By Nelson Jones - 01 March 12:43

Both logically and emotionally, the line between abortion and infanticide is less clear-cut than it

Defining marriage
By Nelson Jones - 27 February 12:45

On the purpose of this voluntary union, the Book of Common Prayer is correct on one of three counts.

Romney attacks Obama's "secular agenda"
By Nelson Jones - 22 February 12:05

Has "secular" become a dirty word in US politics?

Defending the Faith
By Nelson Jones - 16 February 12:59

The Queen says the C of E is the defender of pluralism. But Anglican supremacism has always been mor

Sayeeda Warsi, secularism and the Pope
By Nelson Jones - 14 February 11:28

In complaining about "militant secularisation", Warsi is talking the Catholic leader's language.

Bideford Town Council hasn't a prayer
By Nelson Jones - 10 February 12:42

The High Court has ruled that local councils can't have prayers on the agenda.

When is a bishop not a bishop?
By Nelson Jones - 08 February 15:33

Twenty years after they began ordaining women, Anglicans still haven't taken the final step towards

Latter Day Taint?
By Nelson Jones - 07 February 11:44

Evidence suggests that Mitt Romney's religion is less important to voters than it is to reporters.

Card-carrying Catholics
By Nelson Jones - 02 February 16:10

Catholics are being encouraged to carry a 'faith card'. Could it catch on?

Is there a religion for atheists?
By Nelson Jones - 26 January 18:09

Modern secular culture has no authority with the political or moral clout to impose a single vision.

Egypt's conservative revolution
By Nelson Jones - 23 January 15:40

As parliament sits for its inaugural session, how religious is the new Egyptian democracy?

Bishop sacrifice
By Nelson Jones - 17 January 15:37

When it comes to sexuality, the Church of England remains uneasily in the closet.

Mother Teresa and the Paedophile
By Nelson Jones - 12 January 15:09

Did the "Saint of Calcutta" intervene to protect one of the most notorious paedophile priests of rec

God save the Queen
By Nelson Jones - 10 January 14:51

Anglicans have good reason to be grateful to Elizabeth II. But will the church-state link be quite s

A necessary fudge?
By Nelson Jones - 05 January 12:45

Assisted suicide should be illegal but tacitly permitted -- not legal under certain rigorously-enfor

Paisley, the Pope, and the 1981 papers
By Nelson Jones - 30 December 12:29

Today, the torch of anti-papalism has been passed from Protestants to atheists.

Daniel Dennett and the bacterium of faith
By Nelson Jones - 20 December 16:47

How guilt reinforces the link between religion and positive social action.

Churches can now conduct civil partnerships, but should they even be allowed to conduct weddings?
By Nelson Jones - 15 December 15:26

The current legal situation around marriage and civil partnership is incoherent.