Belief, disbelief and beyond belief


Stonewall's "Bigot of the Year" Award is offensive and out of date
By Nelson Jones - 02 November 16:01

By continuing to have a Bigot of the Year award, Stonewall is indulging in playground politics that sits ill with its new role as a facilitator of best practice in the public realm.

What the church owes to secular feminism
By Nelson Jones - 19 October 15:59

Rowan Williams's campaign to ordinate women bishops.

The paradox of giving 16 year olds the vote
By Nelson Jones - 12 October 12:43

Why trust adolescents with the vote, if we won't trust them with a penknife?

Pro-life supporters campaign outside the House of Commons.
Do pro-choice feminists really speak for women?
By Nelson Jones - 06 October 14:56

The majority of those who want a reduction in abortion time-limits are women.

Who comes after Rowan?
The secret search for the next Archbishop of Canterbury
By Nelson Jones - 26 September 15:30

All Anglicans can now do is pray...

An actor plays Jesus in a passion play in Trafalgar Square in London
Was Jesus married?
By Nelson Jones - 20 September 16:47

Perhaps if the Son of God had had a wife, Christianity would be a bit less hung up about sex.

New Statesman
Why Eric Pickles is in a pickle over religion
By Nelson Jones - 19 September 8:52

The narrative of Christian marginalisation is implausible while the religion's representatives sit by right in the nation's legislature.

Permitted assisted dying could increase protection for vulnerable people
By Nelson Jones - 13 September 17:15

The only person who can decide if a life is worth living is the one living it.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Tony Blair v Desmond Tutu: who has more moral authority?
By Nelson Jones - 03 September 15:46

According to Tutu, Blair has forfeited his right to pose as an exemplar of leadership.

Atheism+: the new New Atheists
By Nelson Jones - 23 August 15:41

This new movement has an energy that makes it hard to ignore.

Tony Nicklinson's wife Jane comforts him as he reacts to the High Court decision
High Court rejects Tony Nicklinson's plea to allow doctors to end his life
By Nelson Jones - 16 August 16:19

When does the right to life become a right to die?

This censored isle
By Nelson Jones - 06 August 9:04

Our very British attitude to porn.

Nadia Tolokonnikova inside a defendants' cage
Pussy Riot's protests threaten more than just the Putin regime
By Nelson Jones - 31 July 13:29

The treatment of Pussy Riot says much about the close relationship between Church and Kremlin in Putin's Russia.

Creationism's far from unintelligent design on our schools
By Nelson Jones - 19 July 10:47

The real problem with "creationist schools" is not their attitude to science, says Nelson Jones.

A Raelian poster from the US.
Freedom of speech, UFOs and The Sun
By Nelson Jones - 16 July 16:23

The tabloid's report of a case involving a UFO cult and the European Court of Human rights was highly misleading.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
The Church of England only has itself to blame over women bishops fiasco
By Nelson Jones - 09 July 9:06

With more delays likely, it's already a byword for doublethink and procrastination.

United Reformed Church to allow civil partnerships on its premises
By Nelson Jones - 08 July 11:45

The URC is the first mainstream christian denomination to do so

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland
Creationism and political power in Northern Ireland
By Nelson Jones - 06 July 14:27

The row over the Giant's Causeway visitors' centre is more about politics than science or religion.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Is Scientology just a weird cult?
By Nelson Jones - 03 July 10:39

Unconventional beliefs have always invited ridicule.

A young boy cries after being circumcised
Circumcision is not a barrier to an individual's religious freedom
By Nelson Jones - 29 June 12:42

Was a German court justified in interfering with centuries of religious tradition?

Rain clouds about rooftops in Bath
Cameron's housing benefit proposals are part of an ongoing redefinition of adulthood
By Nelson Jones - 25 June 12:55

PM continuing is a trend of assuming people in their twenties are still basically teenagers.

A poster in your window could cause you serious trouble
Could you be arrested for putting an atheist poster in your window?
By Nelson Jones - 22 June 8:31

Robust debate is a freedom to be celebrated, not feared.

God's Peculiar People
By Nelson Jones - 14 June 12:11

British identity is much less linked to religion than it used to be - where does this leave the established church?

David Cameron has pledged to introduce gay marriage before 2015.
Gay marriage and church politics
By Nelson Jones - 12 June 12:48

Who speaks for the Church of England?

Rowan Williams' Jubilee Politics
By Nelson Jones - 06 June 12:04

The Archbishop of Canterbury preached a message of Communitarianism at St Pauls' Cathedral yesterday.

New Statesman
Why we need the Queen
By Nelson Jones - 30 May 11:12

What's unusual is the role the monarchy plays as part of the national brand.

New Statesman
Money and morality
By Nelson Jones - 25 May 14:08

If everything has a price, does nothing have a value?

New Statesman
God, the Queen and Tony Blair
By Nelson Jones - 15 May 12:37

The British are uncomfortable with a politician who "does God", but don't mind when the monarch does

BNP members protest outside Liverpool Crown Court.
Anglo-Saxon attitudes
By Nelson Jones - 11 May 16:09

Sexual double standards are not the preserve of conservatively-minded ethnic minorities.

Gay marriage
Marriage Guidance
By Nelson Jones - 08 May 10:46

The debate on same sex marriage has so far been dominated by its opponents.