Here comes the science bit


Doesn’t kill you: makes you weaker
By Michael Brooks - 16 May 15:48

As things stand a scientific assessment would suggest that Britain is Bangladesh for bees.

Living off the fat of the land
By Michael Brooks - 02 May 7:30

Get mothers overeating during pregnancy and you stand to gain customers as soon as they are born.

We need to stop worrying and trust our robot researchers
By Michael Brooks - 01 May 14:14

The work of Francis Crick and James Watson gives us a vision of what's to come.

It takes three to make this child
By Michael Brooks - 09 April 8:15

A new technique called “mitochondrial replacement” is about to be presented to ministers as a solution to a particularly thorny reproductive dilemma.

Fracking: the new gold rush
By Michael Brooks - 21 March 8:36

Can shale gas and fracking solve our energy crisis?

A picture with a zoom effect show a grafic traces of proton-proton collisions
Welcome to the ekpyrotic universe
By Michael Brooks - 14 March 13:43

No money back, no guarantee.

IDS and the skivers from Mars
By Michael Brooks - 07 February 6:03

Why cutting money from benefits might not save anything in the long run.

There is now hope for a vaccine against age-related macular degeneration
Your body’s superpowers
By Michael Brooks - 31 January 6:45

The remarkable abilities already inside us.

The Royal Institution in Albemarle Street in a painting of 1838 by Thomas Hosmer
The Royal Institution doesn't represent my kind of Britishness in science
By Michael Brooks - 24 January 15:07

By all means, let’s save the Royal Institution from closure, but let's also take the opportunity to replace its Victorian vision of science with one that looks more like Britain today.

A graphic showing traces of collision of particles at the Compact Muon Solenoid.
Two worlds collide
By Michael Brooks - 10 January 5:48

Will science and religion ever work out how to coexist peacefully?

The anti-depressant Fluoxetine
The subjective nature of psychiatric diagnosis
By Michael Brooks - 03 January 5:49

Medicalising natural and normal responses to life experiences is a dangerous game.

A self portrait by Nasa's Curiosity probe on Mars.
Heavens above: the achievement of Curiosity and the Hubble Space Telescope
By Michael Brooks - 19 December 5:57

Long may our exploration of the heavens continue.

New Statesman
Doing science the Wonga way
By Michael Brooks - 18 December 16:40

The model used by the payday loans company might finally make science work for everyone. Could we be about to enter the age of Wonga science?

Waiting for the end of the world
By Michael Brooks - 06 December 5:42

Supervolcanoes, ash clouds, supernovas, asteroids, climate chaos - take your pick.

Place your bets!
Putting your money where your mouth is on climate change
By Michael Brooks - 29 November 11:39

Forget football - climate science is well worth a flutter, says Michael Brooks.

Scary maths
Teaching kids to fear maths will harm Britain's chances in the global economy
By Michael Brooks - 22 November 11:38

The prospect of learning maths scares us, but actually doing the proper stuff is rather enjoyable.

The Higgs boson is “maddeningly well-behaved”.
Rumours of imminent split as physicists declare Higgs particle “boring”
By Michael Brooks - 17 November 11:42

Daily Mail offers ray of hope to the couple.

Ash trees in Pound Farm Woodland
The pointless, self-defeating burning of ash trees could have been avoided
By Michael Brooks - 13 November 9:00

If it hadn't been for a name-related confusion, the government might have imposed a ban on imports of ash and ash products years ago.

3D printing is enough to make anyone lose their cool
By Michael Brooks - 22 October 14:38

“Oh My God: a chain mail glove!”

A dunce with a Nobel Prize
By Michael Brooks - 08 October 12:16

An eminent British scientist provides a salutary lesson for education strategists.

A clubber in Bali after a crackdown on drugs.
Not raving but drowning - could MDMA help therapy?
By Michael Brooks - 24 September 9:05

Love, hate and Ecstasy.

The tricky business of unblocking your brain
By Michael Brooks - 07 September 15:07

Don’t read this if you’ve got an aneurysm.

Surfers ride the Severn Bore along the River Severn
The price of tidal power
By Michael Brooks - 29 August 15:53

When did it become OK to save our wildlife at the expense of everyone else’s?

Curiosity lands on Mars: the US wins the space heptathlon
By Michael Brooks - 06 August 13:53

"There's a one-ton piece of American ingenuity and it's sitting on the surface of Mars right now.” That was the reaction of John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, to Curiosity’s

A lab worker displays a bald mouse used in medical research
The truth about animal testing
By Michael Brooks - 26 July 12:26

The use of animals in medical research is inevitable, but no one can deny that something needs to change.

The Cuadrilla shale fracking facility in Preston, Lancashire.
We need to talk about fracking
By Michael Brooks - 25 July 14:41

At some point pretty soon, we're going to need to know where we stand on this.

Cooking is the root of all evil
By Michael Brooks - 13 July 14:03

If we hadn’t learned to roast meat, many of society's ills would never have happened.