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So, when are we invading Kyrgyzstan?
By Mehdi Hasan - 17 June 12:40

The pro-war liberal left is shamefully silent about the killings there.

Is this the most absurd opinion poll question of all time?
By Mehdi Hasan - 14 June 17:05

YouGov bosses should hang their heads in shame.

The Tory (and Labour) obsession with deficits and cuts
By Mehdi Hasan - 14 June 14:32

The new Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has published its forecast.

Expenses chief quits . . .
By Mehdi Hasan - 13 June 11:19

. . . but will Alan Johnson pull a “David Davis” and quit too?

David Cameron worships at the altar of the military
By Mehdi Hasan - 11 June 13:28

The Prime Minister has been over in Afghanistan extolling “our boys”.

Why Ed Miliband has to be very, very careful
By Mehdi Hasan - 10 June 14:28

He’s having a good campaign for the Labour leadership -- but he shouldn’t get carried away.

The truth about those cuts, part 79
By Mehdi Hasan - 09 June 11:04

The best letter I’ve read in a long time . . .

Nick Cohen’s Nazi confusion
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 June 18:19

The Observer columnist’s odd piece on Israel, Islamists and Godwin’s law.

Islam is an extremist faith and prone to terrorism, say Britons
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 June 13:34

But we don’t know very much about it, they admit.

The Israel lobby whitewashes human suffering
By Mehdi Hasan - 03 June 16:22

Some simple questions for Lorna Fitzsimons.

Today’s PMQs
By Mehdi Hasan - 02 June 16:54

The first of the new Lib-Con parliamentary era.

Is the state of Israel its own worst enemy?
By Mehdi Hasan - 31 May 13:07

Some brief thoughts on this morning’s breaking story in the Middle East.

My take on last night’s Question Time
By Mehdi Hasan - 28 May 13:30

Is the new government targeting the BBC’s main discussion programmes?

How progressive is this government?
By Mehdi Hasan - 27 May 12:51

The outcome of the CGT row may be an indicator.

My Question Time appearance . . .
By Mehdi Hasan - 26 May 16:41

. . . in all its YouTube glory!

How long will this coalition last?
By Mehdi Hasan - 26 May 11:37

The Lib Dems need to avoid being steamrollered by their Tory partners.

Labour could outflank the Lib Dems on electoral reform
By Mehdi Hasan - 25 May 11:55

The next Labour leader needs to be bold about PR.

The truth about those cuts . . .
By Mehdi Hasan - 25 May 7:50

Has anyone added in the costs of all the job losses?

Andy Burnham’s dad is upset with me
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 May 12:42

He says the former health secretary has a different background from the Miliband bros and Balls.

Is it a good thing that Diane Abbott has joined the Labour leadership race?
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 May 11:47

And who else should throw their hat in the ring?

Careful -- it would be a mistake to write off Ed Balls
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 May 19:08

The former schools secretary has a good chance of succeeding his ex-boss as Labour leader.

The Con-Dem government’s constitutional con
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 May 13:19

This is not 1832. This isn’t even 1997.

Noam Chomsky and his Israeli opponents
By Mehdi Hasan - 17 May 16:11

Quote of the day!

The Lib Dem Tina myth
By Mehdi Hasan - 16 May 11:28

There were alternatives to this full-blown coalition of convenience with the Tories.

Some post-Question Time clarifications
By Mehdi Hasan - 14 May 17:18

I seem to be the Marmite man. People love me or hate me!

The Liberal Democrat surrender
By Mehdi Hasan - 12 May 15:37

This is the great betrayal. There is no other way to put it.

Are we on the verge of a blue-yellow coalition?
By Mehdi Hasan - 08 May 17:09

Senior Lib Dems are optimistic about doing a deal with Cameron.

What will Cameron and Clegg talk about tonight?
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 May 19:08

It’s worth revisiting Heath, Thorpe and 1974.

Rejoice! The number of Muslim MPs has doubled
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 May 18:04

I’m sure this post will upset lots of Islamophobes in the blogosphere.

Debunking five Tory myths about the election result
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 May 16:46

Challenging the “narrative” that is emerging . . .