Johnson Press, Photograph, Getty Images.
Johnson Press: Zombie Company?
By Dominic Ponsford - 26 April 16:54

The company is saddled with huge debt.

New Statesman
Goodbye to Hitch
By Denis MacShane - 26 April 13:21

A New York memorial brought together Hitchens's comrades and friends.

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Murdoch admits: there was a "cover-up"
By George Eaton - 26 April 11:36

News Corp head admits News of the World disguised phone-hacking.

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Jeremy Hunt faces three investigations over BSkyB bid
By Press Gazette - 26 April 11:27

The minister claims he has acted with "scrupulous fairness".

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"Local press needs level playing field on subsidies"
By Andrew Pugh - 26 April 11:21

"The threat to our democracy is severe", says Louise Mensch

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Johnston Press predicts "few daily print titles" by 2020
By Andrew Pugh - 26 April 11:15

The media group predicts that digital audiences will grow from 10m to 20m by 2020

PMQs sketch: Decibels replace debate
By Peter McHugh - 25 April 17:52

Drama at the Royal Courts spreads to the Commons.

New Statesman
Rupert’s revenge, a dodgy dossier and a minister on the run
By Peter Wilby - 25 April 16:18

For several days before James Murdoch’s appearance at the Leveson inquiry, the word on the Fleet Street grapevine was that he would plant an explosive device under the political career of Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary. Murdoch Jr did not disappoint.

Letter from Washington
Rupert Murdoch always felt like an outsider. Now he could become one
By Nicholas Wapshott - 25 April 16:02

The News Corp head could yet be called by Congress to explain himself.

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Hunt and News International: a market abuse angle
By David Allen Green - 25 April 14:58

Was there a wrongful disclosure of price sensitive information?

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Barclays top list of UK's richest newspaper owners
By Press Gazette - 25 April 11:37

The owners of Telegraph Media Group have a fortune estimated at 2.25bn.

Jeremy Hunt.
Hunt's special adviser falls on his sword
By Samira Shackle - 25 April 11:30

Adam Smith says that he acted "without authorisation from the Secretary of State".

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Jeremy Hunt asks Leveson inquiry for the chance to explain himself
By Emily Wight - 25 April 11:24

Emails released yesterday dispute the claim that Hunt was impartial in BSkyB bid.

Take That performing in February 2011.
"Shared objectives", "illegal" briefings, and . . . Take That
By Samira Shackle - 24 April 18:12

What today's emails tell us about Jeremy Hunt and his relationship with News Corp.

Political sketch: Filleting Murdoch fils
By Peter McHugh - 24 April 17:59

At Leveson, Robert Jay QC questions James Rupert Jacob.

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Mensch calls for more tax subsidies for local press
By Andrew Pugh - 24 April 10:18

The Tory MP claims that local press "performs a unique function in our democracy".

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News Corp's phone-hacking bill set to soar
By George Eaton - 20 April 18:03

Costs set to rise beyond $200m as 46 new cases are filed at the high court.

New Statesman
News Corporation faces fresh allegations in the US
By Emily Wight - 20 April 15:39

Lawyers of phone-hacking victims have revealed a large number of complaints from across the Atlantic

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Watson claims News Corp offered to sacrifice Coulson
By Press Gazette - 20 April 14:39

A new book launched yesterday exposes new depths to the phone-hacking scandal.

New Statesman
Watson claims News Corp offered to sacrifice Coulson
By Press Gazette - 20 April 14:37

A new book launched yesterday exposes new depths to the phone-hacking scandal.

The Murdochs at the Leveson Inquiry
By George Eaton - 19 April 16:01

Rupert and James Murdoch to appear before the inquiry next week.

New Statesman
No plans to take Johnston North West dailies weekly
By Andrew Pugh - 19 April 11:40

Titles include the Blackpool Gazette, the Lancashire Evening Post and the Wigan Evening Post.

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Sun set to open new Manchester HQ for the North
By Andrew Pugh - 19 April 11:20

The UK's biggest-selling newspaper is set to expand, sources say.

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Police pursue cases against "Brooks, Thurlbeck and Hill"
By Press Gazette - 19 April 11:05

11 suspects face the prospect of criminal charges.

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Three more arrests made in Elveden corruption probe
By Andrew Pugh - 19 April 9:48

Police arrest three people over alleged payments by journalists.

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Full Shortlist for the 2011 Regional Press Awards
By Press Gazette - 18 April 11:58

Last year's cream of regional reporting has been recognised by the Society of Editors.

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ASA rejects Express Health Lottery splash complaint
By Dominic Ponsford - 18 April 10:37

A senior journalism lecturer complained after Express owner Richard Desmond's health lottery was adv

Bristol Evening Post.
There is hope in the wreckage of the local press
By Steven Baxter - 17 April 15:41

There will always be local news, except that it is a less attractive investment. Perhaps that’s best

New Statesman
Independent falls in line with 20p cover price hike
By Andrew Pugh - 17 April 12:16

The move will make The Times the UK's cheapest broadsheet.