Kim Kardashian
The doublethink that allows tabloids to campaign against online porn
By Martin Robbins - 06 July 9:26

A teenage rapist was excused by a judge because he had been "corrupted" by online filth. Where's the evidence?

The Independent to cease circulation in Ireland
By Helen Robb - 29 June 16:40

Printing costs are too high to sustain low circulation.

Murdoch reluctant to invest in Britain
By Joe Derry-Malone - 29 June 12:29

News Corporation will focus on US operations.

News Corp split expected by Thursday
By Helen Robb - 27 June 14:46

Board meeting today will decide the fate of the company.

Express Newspapers reports £1.1m operating loss
By Press Gazette - 27 June 13:57

Severe losses for Express Newspapers

Tony Blair guest edits the Evening Standard
By Press Gazette - 27 June 13:43

Blair: "poignancy in the timing"

Leigh will not face charges over phone hacking
By Helen Robb - 26 June 15:20

CPS investigation of Guardian journalist dropped

How I sued the Daily Mail – and won
By Luke Cooper - 26 June 10:09

The paper labelled me a ringleader in violent disorder at the Millbank protests.

Lebedev sued by Russian businessman he punched
By Andrew Pugh - 25 June 11:58

Proprietor of the Evening Standard and the Independent sued for libelous comments in television debate

New Statesman
Scotland on Sunday editor takes on the Scotsman
By Helen Robb - 25 June 11:44

The editor of Scotland on Sunday is appointed as editor at the Scotsman.

Debris scattered in front of Millbank Tower, home of Conservative Party headquar
Anti-cuts protestor wins £60,000 in libel claim against Mail and Standard
By Caroline Crampton - 22 June 15:32

Luke Cooper successfully challenges articles that portrayed him as the 'ringleader' of riots violence.

Kim Kardashian in Las Vegas in June 2012
Kim Kardashian's curves aren't to blame for our problems
By Nichi Hodgson - 21 June 9:24

Young girls admiring Kardashian's unskinny form isn't going to bring Western Civilisation tumbling down

History is the enemy when Washington's “brilliant” psy-ops become the news
By John Pilger - 20 June 10:04

From Agent Orange in South Vietnam to Obama’s drone attacks in Afghanistan and war in Syria, Washington spins its assaults on the world as it cynically lives up to a reputation for casual slaughter.

Guardian suffers further losses after US expansion
By Joe Derry-Malone - 19 June 12:03

Losses continue for Guardian Media Group

Economist Group profits up 9%
By Helen Robb - 19 June 11:55

Publisher of The Economist reports high profits

New Statesman
FT deputy becomes new US managing editor
By Press Gazette - 19 June 10:57

Gillian Tett, the assistant editor, takes sabbatical to write a book.

Brown in the clear over Murdoch "war" call
By George Eaton - 15 June 15:31

Cabinet Office says it has no record of alleged call to Murdoch in September 2009.

Cameron or Coulson, who's lying?
By George Eaton - 14 June 16:43

The PM contradicted Coulson's claim that he sought no "further assurances" over hacking.

Rebekah Brooks's text to David Cameron
By George Eaton - 14 June 12:21

"Let's discuss over country supper soon ... professionally we are in this together."

Leveson inquiry: 10 key questions for David Cameron
By George Eaton - 13 June 17:49

On Andy Coulson, the BSkyB bid and the Murdochs.

New Statesman
Rebekah Brooks granted bail until 22 June
By Joe Derry-Malone - 13 June 12:12

Brooks and her husband make appearance at court following charges of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Plastic Brit? Mo Farah after winning a race in Oregon earlier this month.
"Plastic Brits": are some Olympians more worthy of a cheer than others?
By Steve Baxter - 12 June 11:27

Screaming about "plastic Brits" may be a rare example of the <em>Mail</em> getting its own readers wrong.

New Statesman
Starmer weighs public interest in Dowler hacking
By Press Gazette - 12 June 11:20

Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer has denied that the dozens of British journalists currently facing the prospect of criminal charges are victims of a politically-motivated witch-hunt

New Statesman
Sun slams 'master of disloyalty' Gordon Brown
By Press Gazette - 12 June 11:11

The Sun went on the attack this morning over Gordon Brown’s appearance at Leveson, running a comment piece accusing the “scheming” former prime minister of misleading the inquiry

New Statesman
Political sketch: Return of the Great Sulk
By Peter McHugh - 11 June 17:44

Gordon's bully boys and a Bullingdon original at Leveson.

Chancellor George Osborne leaves after giving evidence at the Leveson inquiry.
Osborne emerges unscathed from Leveson
By George Eaton - 11 June 16:54

The Tories will be delighted with the Chancellor's calm performance.

New Statesman
Peter Willis and Alison Phillips are new Mirror editors
By Press Gazette - 11 June 10:50

Daily Mirror deputy editor Peter Willis has been named as the new Monday to Friday editor of the paper and associate editor Alison Phillips is the new Saturday and Sunday editor

New Statesman
Geordie Greig bolsters senior team at MoS
By Press Gazette - 11 June 10:38

Mail on Sunday editor Geordie Greig has named Gerard Greaves as his deputy editor and recruited Tristan Davies from the Sunday Times to join the team as assistant editor

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.
Cameron and Osborne to appear before Leveson next week
By George Eaton - 08 June 10:48

Clegg, Salmond, Miliband, Harman, Major and Brown will also appear.

New Statesman
Virgin Atlantic confirms celebrity flight information leak
By Joe Derry-Malone - 07 June 13:00

Dozens of celebrities have had flight information sold to international picture agency Big Pictures by Virgin Atlantic employee